The most advanced social media app.

A US-developed platform featuring secure end-to-end encryption.

95% active Users
154 countries available
15,203 devices supported

What is Swifmail?

Swifmail seamlessly integrates the best of picture messaging, voice sending, and file sharing in a one-of-a-kind app that lets you do just about anything with your friends.

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safe and secure

There are tons of messaging apps out there. But what makes Swifmail different is the secure end-to-end encryption that protects your information from third party companies and potential hackers. What happens in Swifmail stays in Swifmail.

Total security

Swifmail uses the latest in AES Encryption technology.

Share anything

Whether it's song your recorded with your buddies or that photo you took of your lunch, Swifmail lets you share it all.

self-destructing messages

Send messages that self-destruct after a certain time period. Perfect for secure and private chats.


Modern User Interface

We don't believe in a cluttered user interface. Everything on our app is clean is and optimized for a smooth experience.


Easy User Experience

Tired of navigating through hundreds of menus to get what you want? Our sidebar lets you select your favorite features.

share everything

Send photos, videos, audio, files, documents, and more. HD calling over internet. Live video chats in high definition. The possibilities are endless.

Built-in audio player

Advanced DAC codecs for the highest quality audio playback and sharing.

Never forget

Don't be late to your next meeting. Swifmail's calendar events send you automated reminders.

Thousands of Emojis

Emojis speak louder than words. Use one of our thousands of emojis or make your own for others to use.

easy to use

Our main goal was ease-of-use while still maintaining a high amount of features for our users to take advantage of. Each element of the app was carefully planned and organized in a way that anyone can easily use.

Don't settle for confusing apps. Choose Swifmail.

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